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Enchanted Doll makes exquisite Urethane eyes that are famous amongst the BJD communities around the world.

Some strong points of ED Eyes:

Transparency is excellent and crystal clear like glass.
80+ colours to choose from.
It is possible to make customized orders including your own choice of pupil and rim colours.

Colours Available (click to view larger chart)

ED Eyes
Sweety Eyes

Special Eyes

Apart from the beautiful standard range of colours above. You can choose to customize your own eyes. Below are some examples of 'special eyes'

Sweety #13 No Pupil
Sweety #4 + #30 Rim
Sweety #25 Green Pupil
Sweety #21 +#22 rim +blue pupil
Sweety #14 +#17 rim
Sweety #10 +#17 rim

Rim and Pupil Colours

Rim Colours can be customized using the normal colour charts above for ED eyes and Sweety Eyes respectively.

For Pupil Colours, they must be chosen from the chart below:

Click to see whole chart
  • No.0(black) is an ordinary eyes.
  • No.1 and No.2 are limpid-red and limpid-dark brown.
  • And the rest colors(No.3 ~ No.21) are opaque.
  • No.13 is a white, not black rim.
  • No.14 is silver color.



Apart from colours you can also choose from High or Low Dome for most sizes. See the dome comparison photos below.

( NOTE: 12mm, 14mm and 22mm no choice available as they all have common domes ).

16mm Eyes
18mm Eyes
20mm Eyes


To Order

In order to help with your decision making. Here is a link to SAMPLE ED eyes on dolls: (Den of Angels)


ED and Sweety Eyes (1 pair) $60 USD
Special Eyes (1pair) $70 USD


Accepted payment types are:
  • Paypal - Is accepted for all transactions (local and international) however a 4% paypal fee applies to the total for all transactions. Transferred in USD.
  • Direct Deposit - Is accepted only for local (Australian) transactions. No fees applies. Items are converted from USD to AUD using

Enchanted doll does not allow refunds or exchanges after the order has been made.


Shipping prices will vary depending on your destination and for some items, you can choose between Regular, Insured or Express (Express is in Australia Only) . The total for shipping will be calculated for you when we have received your order. We are not responsible for lost mail.

Enchanted doll takes around 1-2 months to complete the order. Once complete it will take around 3-7 days to reach you depending on what method of shipping you have chosen.

When you are ready just go to the ED eyes order form to make your order.

PLEASE double check that all information is correct before you submit to ensure a smooth transaction.


If you have any other queries, please feel free to email me here


How to Care for your Enchanted Doll Eyes

Because all ED eyes are hand made, there may be slight differences between the real eyes and the samples (e.g. iris pattern or size of pupil and colors). The difference between colours may be caused by monitor settings.

Every eye is unique and ED strives to make the most beautiful doll eyes for you.

Points on Urethane you should be aware of:

  • The surface can be scratched because it is not as hard as glass so please handle it carefully.
  • If possible, avoid continuous direct light.